Merrill College of Journalism - Learning Outcomes
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Students will demonstrate written and oral communications skills through the ability to report and edit relevant news stories acceptable to a professional news outlet.

Research Component | Writing Component | Broadcast Writing Component | Broadcast Editing Component | Editing

Active Courses: JOUR361

  • Student shows full understanding of broadcast writing, including no use of passive voice; and

  • Student writes in short, declarative sentences; and

  • Student tells both sides of the story and is able to tell the story through a character; and

  • Student interviews more than one person, with minimal official sound. All soundbites are written out and less than ten seconds, all tracks are two sentences or shorter and tracks and soundbites are not repetitive; and

  • Student has chosen and written in both natural sound and a general shot selection; and

  • Package contains a creative standup and student has put effort into tracking and sounds professional.

  • Student shows general understanding of broadcast writing, predominately writing in active voice. Most tracks and sound bites are short, and character may not be an obvious part of the story. Official sound may be dominant; and

  • Student tells both sides of the story equally; and

  • Student may not have natural sound or shot selection written into script, but has an understanding where that sound will go. Tracks and soundbites are short and tracks and soundbites are mostly not repetitive. Student has included both an intro and a tag; and

  • Student has a good creative idea for a standup bridge, included after at least one soundbite; and

  • Package contains a somewhat creative standup and tracking is acceptable.

  • Student struggles with broadcast writing. Sentences are wordy and passive; and

  • Student tells both sides of the story equally, but package relies heavily on official sound. Tracks and soundbites run long; and

  • Student has no natural sound written into the script and does not plan to include it; and

  • Student has no idea for a creative standup and/or standup appears before any soundbites; and

  • Package is written mostly in passive voice and is tough to understand. Tracks and soundbites are repetitive. Standup is not creative but is on location and student has not put effort into tracking.

  • Package is hard to understand and wordy; and

  • Package lacks balance and is one sided.

  • Work on the package included proven plagiarism or cheating.