Merrill College of Journalism - Learning Outcomes
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Students will demonstrate written and oral communications skills through the ability to report and edit relevant news stories acceptable to a professional news outlet.

Research Component | Writing Component | Broadcast Writing Component | Broadcast Editing Component | Editing

Active Courses: JOUR361
  • Package has a good flow, is edited tightly and is easy to understand; and

  • Package includes multiple, creative sequences, all shot on a tripod, with proper exposure and white balance; and

  • Video matches up with audio and package has no wall paper video; and

  • Package contains at least three natural sound breaks, and proper sound mixing underneath of tracks (including crossfades); and

  • Student demonstrates proper interview framing, including a knowledge of natural light and a well thought-out background. Most interviews are covered and students demonstrate the knowledge of J and L cuts; and

  • Package contains no jump cuts nor flash frames.

  • Package has a good flow and easy to understand. A majority of shots are on a tripod and properly exposed, with the correct white balance, but student does not demonstrate the knowledge of sequences; and

  • Package has some wall paper video; and

  • Package contains at least one natural sound burst and audio is correctly mixed, but may not contain crossfades; and

  • Interview framing may contain small errors, background may not be thought out, but it does not detract from the soundbite; and

  • Package does not contain major jump cuts nor any flash frames; and

  • Editing may not be as tight as it can be, shots may be held to long

  • The package contains serious audio issues, but it is not at the point where it is difficult to understand; and

  • Package contains serious exposure and white balance issues and does not contain any natural sound bursts; and

  • Package contains some minor jump cuts, but does not contain any flash frames nor black holes; and

  • Video has no natural sound under video; and

  • Video and editing issues are distracting and take away from the story.

  • Video has serious issues. Nothing is shot on a tripod; and

  • Packages contains major jump cuts, flash frames or black holes; and

  • Tracks are hard to hear, due to the bad audio mixing; and

  • Most of the video has an incorrect white balance and is not exposed correctly.

  • Student failed to turn in script and first cut.