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Student Accounts Home

The Philip Merrill College of Journalism requires all students logging into any computer in the college or into the Journalism Portfolio web site (located here) to use their DirectoryID as the LOGIN user name and their UniversityID as the default PASSWORD. NOTE: Students do not use their DirectoryID password. The Merrill College recommends that students change their default Merrill logon password to match their campus DirectoryID password. To change this password, log in to the Jportfolio web site using your current password, select the Option tab and then the Change Password tab.

The College has also placed limits on the number of pages a student can print for free. Each student is given an initial quota of pages that s/he can print per semester.

  • Non-Majors taking a Journalism Skills class:   100 pages
  • Journalism Undergrad Students:   300 pages
  • Journalism Graduate Students:   500 pages

In addition to the initial quota, 10 pages will be added to each students balance every Sunday evening.  During a regular semester this will add an addition 160 pages to a students quota.

Each student is also given 500MB of file storage. When a student logs on to a computer the driver letter H:\ will be mapped to his or her space for users using Windows. On a Mac, students will see a share mount on their desktop. This mount will be named the same as their DirectoryID.